work packages

DocTIS will have a duration of 63 months, involving multiple partners contributing with different types of expertise to the objectives of the project. The work at DoCTIS is organized into 9 different work packages (WPs), with a team exerting as a leader.


Public Lead: VHIR

Objectives: To provide overall scientific direction and to drive the progress of the project, guiding the partners for the achievement of milestones and ensuring that work is undertaken with appropriate quality levels.


Public Lead: IMIDomics, SL

Objectives: To achieve an efficient and secure data management procedure from its origin to its storage and distribution among the other partners. To allow a cooperative data analysis environment following the FAIR Data Principles.


Public Lead: VHIR

Objectives: To determine the clinical criteria of interest and select the patients that will be analysed using high-throughput technologies in WP4.


Public Lead: CNAG-CRG

Objectives: To generate single-cell and bulk molecular data from biological samples from patients selected in WP3.


Public Lead: LIU

Objectives: To find novel combinations of drugs that are effective in more than one IMID, based on systems level modelling of immune responses and how they are affected by drugs.


Public Lead: IDIBAPS

Objectives: To evaluate the candidate combinatorial therapies across animal models of the different IMIDs. To test and compare de therapeutic efficacy and potential toxicity of combinatorial therapies vs. the approved monotherapies in animal models of various diseases.


Public Lead: IMIDomics, SL

Objectives: To identify a molecular pattern that efficiently captures the combinatorial treatment responder profile. To obtain a low-cost, informative method to predict the clinical response to the combinatorial therapy.


Public Lead: CARDIFF AC

Objectives: To provide proof-of-principle validation of the efficacy of combinatorial therapy identified by WP6 in patients with different IMIDs.


Public Lead: VHIR

Objectives: To design a plan that allows for optimal information flow within the project and communication and dissemination of information and knowledge generated by the project to relevant stakeholders.

Work Packages